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Why Modern Contract Management is a Must in Today’s Procurement World

Watch this webinar to learn the importance of implementing a unified and intelligent contract management system to achieve successful business outcomes. You can watch the webinar recording on this page and also download the presentation slides here.

Traditional contract management technology originated in the early 1990s when organizations primarily purchased goods and the internet browser was just getting invented. In the past 20 years, Fortune 500 procurement portfolio has undergone a significant change with services emerging ahead of goods and commodities as the predominant spend category and contracts becoming more complex and dynamic.

However, traditional contract management technology has been slow to evolve from its roots of acting as a central repository and has failed to meet the demands of today’s procurement mix. Companies have not seen the desired impact on their contractual relationships despite investing millions of dollars and implementation years.

Modern procurement buyers need unified, intelligent, and smart contract management technologies that help identify financial leakages during contract performance while driving enforcement and control.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more.

Discover in this Webinar

Key phases in the evolution of contract management technology

Strengths and gaps in traditional contract management technology

How to identify the right contract management system for your organization’s needs


Ajay Agrawal

Founder and CEO,

Andrew Bartels

Vice President and Principal Analyst,