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Legal as a Superhero: How Legal Is Leveraging CLM to Drive Business Growth and Resilience

Watch this webinar to discover how legal professionals can leverage CLM to not only achieve efficiency improvements, but also engineer enterprise-wide digital transformation – both within and outside their functional boundaries to emerge as the real superheroes of digital transformation. The webinar features experts from National Life Group, Deloitte Legal and SirionLabs. You can watch the webinar recording on this page and download the presentation slides here.

As the roles of general counsel and their teams continue to evolve in the digital age, forward-thinking legal leaders who leverage advanced technology to drive strategy and business outcomes for the entire enterprise are emerging as the real superheroes of digital transformation.

While technologies such as contract lifecycle management (CLM) software offer a multitude of benefits to legal departments, they also create value that resonates across organizations, their customers, and partners. Digital transformations that begin in legal offices can extend enterprise-wide; enhancing efficiency, cultivating collaboration, reducing operational costs, mitigating risk and maximizing revenue growth. Given such a wide-ranging impact, it’s clear that the technology at the center of those transformations delivers a significant return on investment.

Watch this webcast featuring a panel of legal leaders to explore how legal professionals can be the superheroes that engineer digital transformation – both within and outside their functional boundaries.

Discover in this Webinar

How legal departments drive enterprise-wide digital transformations

The ways in which digital technology such as CLM provides a strong ROI

How digital transformation can integrate legal with the broader enterprise


Lindsay Staples

Senior Manager – Legal Operations and Paralegal Services
National Life Group

Craig Conte

Lead Partner for Legal Operate
Deloitte Legal

Evangelos Apostolou

General Counsel