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5 Reasons Why CLM is Key to Successful Digital Transformation

Watch this webinar to discover how having CLM technology at the heart of your Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives can significantly increase your opportunity for success. The webinar features experts from KPMG, SirionLabs, as well as a guest speaker from Forrester. You can watch the webinar recording on this page and download the presentation slides here. You can also download the Forrester Wave™ for CLM, Q1 2021 report here.

The speed and complexity of business today is demanding fundamental change for many companies. Driven by advances, in networks, cloud computing, AI, and other technologies, the need for digital transformation (DX) has taken center stage in corporate strategic plans. While many companies begin their digital transformation journeys at an IT level, improving connectivity and enabling process automations, they are increasingly realizing the immense value of unleashing the information held in corporate contracts.

Digital transformation is a $1.7 trillion industry, yet 70 percent of DX initiatives fail. In this webinar, we’ll explore some of the key challenges to DX success and why the full value of transformation comes from an expansive view. Contracts contain the life blood of an organization. They literally hold the critical intensions, service expectations, deliverable requirements, and obligations that keep your business running. Learn why contract lifecycle management (CLM) should be a core element of your digitalization program. Discover how digitizing, analyzing, and making vital contract information actionable can significantly increase your opportunity for DX success.

Watch this webinar to understand the latest features and innovations in CLM technology as well as learn about best practices and starting points for CLM in digital transformation initiatives. The webinar panel features Toby Yu, Managing Director, KPMG and Puneet Bhakri, SVP – Alliances, SirionLabs alongside guest speaker Alla Valente, Sr. Analyst, Forrester.

Discover in this Webinar

Key challenges with DX Programs

Why DX needs to start with contracts/CLM to increase opportunity for success

Latest features and best practices for leveraging CLM in DX initiatives


Alla Valente (Guest Speaker)

Senior Analyst

Toby Yu

Managing Director

Puneet Bhakri

SVP – Global Alliances & Partnerships