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On-demand Webinar

CLM 2020 and Beyond

Discover the key developments that will shape the future of CLM over the next few years. You can watch the webinar recording on this page and also download the presentation slides here.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) today is an essential part of the procurement technology and digital transformation strategy for most organizations. While the past was about making incremental gains through rudimentary CLM, enterprises are increasingly realizing the potential of CLM in its broader context as a business transformation strategy. With rapid technological advancements and significant shifts in the enterprise eco-system, CLM is ready to be one of the foundational technologies for the modern enterprise.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover the five key developments that will shape the future of CLM over the next few years.

Discover in this Webinar

The five key developments shaping the future of CLM

The changing role of the Chief Procurement Officer
Value over savings

Uberization of the supply chain
Enterprises outsourcing their entire supply chain

CLM data science
Leveraging data from across the contracting lifecycle to improve business outcomes

Reverse contracting
Accelerate sourcing starting with the end objectives and reverse engineering the process

Smart Contracts
The new kid on the ‘blockchain’ after bitcoin


Shanti Berggren

Deputy General Counsel


Liz Evans



Tim Cummins



Claude Marais

Co-founder and President