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Unmatched automation and analytics delivered through an architecture designed for scale, integration and security

Technologies that Power Sirion
Enterprises today operate in a complex commercial environment with multiple supplier and customer relationships managed through myriad and discordant systems. For an application to be effective in this environment, it must combine innovation with robustness, functionality with ease of use and flexibility with security. That’s Sirion.
Sirion was built with best-in-class technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), RestAPI, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to balance functionality and ease-of-use with enterprise-grade scalability and security.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is at the heart of Sirion. From its patent-pending auto-identification of clauses in counterparty paper; auto-extraction of contract data; intelligent template suggestion; real-time computation of performance delivery; auto-validation of invoices; to prescient alerts of high-risk events – each Sirion module leverages AI to drive unprecedented control, accuracy and value in sell-side and buy-side engagements.

Machine Learning

Sirion features sophisticated, patent-pending ML and NLP capabilities to deliver deep and accurate capture of unstructured data embedded in contracts: expected outcomes (obligations, service levels), computational objects (base charges, rate cards, pricing adjustments) and risks (regulatory, liability, indemnity). This makes it possible to efficiently convert inert contract data into active individual objects that can be tracked throughout their lifecycle. Sirion’s ML engine becomes smarter with each extraction as it continues to ‘learn’ variations in contract structures and taxonomies, progressively improving the system’s accuracy of extraction.

Shared Ledger Framework

Sirion uses a distributed ledger architecture (akin to blockchain applications) to create a shared view of all aspects of engagement data for both buyer and supplier. While most traditional enterprise technologies are designed as back-end systems aimed to drive internal efficiencies, Sirion functions as a modern, front-end collaboration platform that brings all parties to the same page, driving transparency, trust and alignment.

RESTful API Integrations

Sirion is built with RESTful API and employs Apache NiFi to enable easy integration with other enterprise applications such as ERP (SAP, Oracle), CRM (, Procure-to-Pay (Ariba, Coupa, iValua), IT Service Management (ServiceNow, Remedy), Proprietary systems, Fileservers, etc. This enables real-time data transfer and deep interoperability between Sirion and the other systems in the client’s environment.

Agile BI

Sirion runs a BI-powered analytics engine that enables real-time access to powerful analytics and rich insights from data for obligations, service levels, invoicing, issues, actions and spend. It transforms traditional static reporting into dynamic dashboards, with powerful capabilities such as analysis of complex datasets from multiple sources, an extensive range of visualizations, AI-powered narration of insights, real-time notifications based on predefined thresholds, and embedding live dashboards into other applications.

Enterprise Cloud Platform

Sirion offers a robust platform that connects the whole enterprise – from legal, procurement to IT, finance to sales and delivery. With over 250,000 buyers and suppliers managing $110B of spend and millions of contractual obligations on Sirion, it offers the scalability and flexibility required to address the complexity found in today’s enterprise engagements.

Sirion is hosted on the industry-leading AWS cloud, and compliant to stringent security standards such as ISO 27001, SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402. Additional security features include granular access control, AES-256 encryption, data transfer over SSL/Https and network layer segregation through ACL. It employs AngularJS, which facilitates a responsive design and great user experience across all devices.

Accelerated Deployment

Leveraging a combination of Sirion’s configurable design, advanced automation, quick integration connectors and a proven implementation process, you can go live with Sirion within weeks. Deployment is touchless—there’s no manual intervention needed for standard implementations. Sirion’s intuitive design, effective training curriculum, and ongoing support and scientific change management program help accelerate the contract management transformation journey for our clients.

Sirion Can Help You Achieve Better Business Outcomes