Unlock 15-20% higher value in your complex services relationships with supplier governance automation and advanced analytics.


Contract Authoring

Significantly reduce time and effort by streamlining contract creation and approval process
  • Generate drafts by using templates and clause libraries and ensure consistency in language and formatting
  • Negotiate contracts through Sirion’s MS Word plugin with on-the-go contract redlining and comparison
  • Automate approvals through Sirion’s highly configurable workflow engine
  • Digitally sign contracts through standard e-signature applications

Contract Management

Empower business professionals to extract maximum value from their strategic contracts
  • Easily find your contracts within a hierarchically-organized, full-text searchable, access controlled repository
  • Use machine extraction to capture all contract obligations, whether one-time or repetitive, as structured data with real-time links to underlying contract documents
  • View all document changes overlaid on contract pages, whether originating from contract changes, interpretations, work orders or new statements of work
  • Ensure that approved interpretations are imbibed in the contract, automatically cascading downstream changes to workflows and reports

Performance Management

Track ‘what actually happened’ at a granular level with auto-reconciliation of performance data against contractual obligations
  • Bring your contracts to life through automated obligation tracking, providing real-time visibility into ‘what actually happened’ and ‘what is supposed to happen’
  • Encode each service level with computation algorithms, facilitating automated validation of service levels against source data
  • Track performance real-time with integration into service delivery management and project management systems
  • Leverage configurable workflows to manage the entire statement of work and work order lifecycles through creation, signature, performance and invoicing
  • Automate credit / earnback management by capturing underlying formulae and performing dynamic reconciliation with live usage data

Financial Management

Realize ‘hard savings’ from automated invoice reconciliation against complex contract rates and performance data
  • Capture simple and complex contractual charges including base charges, volume rates, discounts, ARC / RRC rates, credits, time and material rate cards, milestone payments, etc., enabling reconciliation of invoices against contractual charges
  • Automatically reconcile incoming invoice data against raw performance data and underlying contract obligations to provide a highly comprehensive and granular invoice audit
  • Configure workflows to ensure all invoice line items are approved by relevant stakeholders, preventing maverick spend


Proactively drive collaboration and alignment with suppliers and objectively manage and measure relationships and governance process health, rather than relying on subjective perceptions.
  • Common platform for buyers and suppliers to manage and analyze all key governance activities such as meetings, action items, issues, and claims/disputes
  • Creation and ongoing maintenance of a governance process health scorecard to monitor effectiveness of governance processes
  • Quantifiable risk metrics to measure and compare obligations and contract compliance levels of various suppliers

Advanced Analytics

Sirion’s BI-powered analytics module offers comprehensive functionality – from data preparation to discovery of insights – enabling faster and effective decision-making at both operational and strategic levels.
  • Real-time insights into supplier performance through an extensive collection of standard and custom dashboards and reports
  • Integrated view of engagement data through integrations with other enterprise systems
  • Rich functionality including visualizations, auto narration of insights, personalization, click-through charts, etc.



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