Unlock 15-20% higher value in your complex services relationships with supplier governance automation and advanced analytics.


Contract Authoring

Significantly reduce time and effort by streamlining contract creation and approval process
  • Generate drafts by using templates and clause libraries and ensure consistency in language and formatting
  • Negotiate contracts through Sirion’s MS Word plugin with on-the-go contract redlining and comparison
  • Automate approvals through Sirion’s highly configurable workflow engine
  • Digitally sign contracts through standard e-signature applications

Contract Management

Empower business professionals to extract maximum value from their strategic contracts
  • Easily find your contracts within a hierarchically-organized, full-text searchable, access controlled repository
  • Use machine extraction to capture all contract obligations, whether one-time or repetitive, as structured data with real-time links to underlying contract documents
  • View all document changes overlaid on contract pages, whether originating from contract changes, interpretations, work orders or new statements of work
  • Ensure that approved interpretations are imbibed in the contract, automatically cascading downstream changes to workflows and reports

Performance Management

Track ‘what actually happened’ at a granular level with auto-reconciliation of performance data against contractual obligations
  • Bring your contracts to life through automated obligation tracking, providing real-time visibility into ‘what actually happened’ and ‘what is supposed to happen’
  • Encode each service level with computation algorithms, facilitating automated validation of service levels against source data
  • Track performance real-time with integration into service delivery management and project management systems
  • Leverage configurable workflows to manage the entire statement of work and work order lifecycles through creation, signature, performance and invoicing
  • Automate credit / earnback management by capturing underlying formulae and performing dynamic reconciliation with live usage data

Financial Management

Realize ‘hard savings’ from automated invoice reconciliation against complex contract rates and performance data
  • Capture simple and complex contractual charges including base charges, volume rates, discounts, ARC / RRC rates, credits, time and material rate cards, milestone payments, etc., enabling reconciliation of invoices against contractual charges
  • Automatically reconcile incoming invoice data against raw performance data and underlying contract obligations to provide a highly comprehensive and granular invoice audit
  • Configure workflows to ensure all invoice line items are approved by relevant stakeholders, preventing maverick spend

Relationship Management

Manage and measure supplier relationships objectively, rather than relying on subjective perceptions
  • Get on the same page with your suppliers through intuitive management of governance forums, their meeting schedules, attendance, meeting minutes and packs, issue and action monitoring, and analytics
  • Optimize resolution cycle-times and provide advanced visibility into performance bottlenecks through issue and action management on a single intuitive platform accessible to both buyers and their suppliers
  • Monitor the health of all key governance processes in real-time

Risk Management

Predict and control key supplier risks arising from contractual, performance, regulatory, and policy compliance on a unified scorecard
  • Stay audit ready, with instant access to audit data against corresponding performance and regulatory risk parameters
  • Never lose sight of your regulatory and policy compliance commitments through automated alerts and reports on resolution cycle times, aging, and discrete events of non-compliance



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