Enhance profitability, transparency, and reduce risk in large enterprise accounts through revenue assurance automation and advanced analytics


Contract Authoring

Streamline contract creation and significantly reduce time and effort in the drafting, negotiation, and approval of contracts
  • Quickly generate first drafts by employing enterprise template and clause libraries, while ensuring consistency in language and formatting
  • Negotiate contracts through Sirion’s MS Word plugin with on-the-go contract redlining and comparison
  • Automate internal and external approvals through Sirion’s configurable workflow engine
  • Digitally sign contracts through e-signature applications

Contract Management

Guarantee success of strategic revenue assurance initiatives through granular management of contracts and delivery against contractual obligations
  • Easily locate your contracts within a hierarchical, full-text searchable and access-controlled repository
  • Use machine extraction to capture all contract obligations, whether one-time or ongoing, as structured data with real-time links to underlying contract documents
  • Capture correlations and automatically update all dependent obligations when a linked obligation changes
  • View all document changes overlaid on contract pages, whether originating from contract changes, interpretations, work orders or new statements of work
  • Automate alerts and reminders for expiring contracts and employ configurable workflows to manage renewals
  • Ensure that approved interpretations are assimilated into the contract, automatically cascading downstream changes to workflows and reports

Performance Management

Track ‘what actually happened’ at a granular level with auto-reconciliation of performance data against contractual obligations and service levels
  • Automate obligation tracking by mapping responsibilities to relevant stakeholders and tracking pending items through system alerts, scheduled reports and to-do lists
  • Leverage algorithms at each service level in order to facilitate real-time analysis of performance based on underlying backup data
  • Pre-empt non-compliance with integration into your existing service delivery management and project management systems
  • Use configurable workflows to manage the entire statement of work and work order lifecycles through creation, signature, performance and invoicing
  • Automate credit/earnback management by capturing underlying formulae and performing dynamic reconciliation with live usage data

Financial Management

Reduce revenue leakage and invoice disputes through accurate invoicing of contracted as well as ad-hoc deliverables and compress payment cycles
  • Capture simple and complex contractual charges, including base charges, volume rates, discounts, ARC / RRC rates, credits, time and material rate cards, milestone payments and more
  • Automatically reconcile invoice data against raw performance data and underlying contract obligations to generate a comprehensive and detailed invoice
  • Ensure adjustments are calculated accurately and flow through to invoicing
  • Reduce invoice disputes and track and resolve open issues in a fair, transparent manner

Relationship Management

Provide customers a foundation for objective and measurable relationship goals, thereby reducing decisions based on perception and intuition
  • Get on the same page with your customers through transparent management of governance forums, meeting schedules, attendance, meeting minutes and packs, issue and action monitoring, and analytics
  • Optimize resolution cycle-times and gain clear visibility into performance bottlenecks on a single intuitive platform that is accessible to both you and your customers
  • Monitor the health of all key revenue assurance processes in real-time, enhancing your ability to up-sell and cross-sell to existing customers

Compliance Management

Predict and control adherence to policy and regulatory requirements originating from contractual and as well as non-contractual engagements
  • Stay “audit ready,” with instant access to audit data against corresponding performance and regulatory risk parameters
  • Never lose sight of regulatory and policy compliance commitments through automated alerts and reports on resolution cycle-times, aging, and possible events of non-compliance



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