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[Spend Matters Report] SirionLabs: What Makes its CLM Solution Great


Today organizations are being stifled by the traditional CLM tools in managing their high-value service engagements. The reason is that these traditional tools were originally designed for the procurement of goods and do not address the specific needs of services engagements. As a result, 15-20% of annual contract value remains unrealized in outsourcing engagements.

SirionLabs is one solution provider that is consistently breaking the mold, offering top functional capabilities while also redefining exactly what a CLM provider is capable of. Sirion not only provides organizations with “traditional” CLM features but also manages and optimizes the performance of large, complex, often multi-year services contracts by combining the core CLM components with added supplier management capabilities, like performance management, financial management, and collaboration management.

Authored by Spend Matters, this analysis report provides a comprehensive overview of Sirion including:

  • Company Overview
  • Where SirionLabs is Great?
  • What customers think about Sirion?
  • Best-Fit Customer Scenarios