SirionLabs Secures $85M to Accelerate Growth and Leadership in the Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management Market

SirionLabs and SAP Ariba recently came head-to-head in a contract lifecycle management (CLM) matchup by Spend Matters. So how did it go?

SirionLabs came out on top in six of the seven categories evaluated, excelling in multiple areas including contract analytics, Al-powered contract review, automated risk scoring, and obligation management.

Download the full report to review the results of the evaluation and discover:

  • How SirionLabs and SAP Ariba stack up across 100+ CLM functional requirements
  • Guidance on deciding between a procurement suite-based option vs. a specialized CLM solution
  • Opportunities to leverage SirionLabs' smarter contracting functionality to get more value out of your existing SAP Ariba implementation

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"While some CLM solutions have historical strengths in certain areas of contract
management, SirionLabs is a true enterprise CLM solution applicable to buy side,
sell side and other legal department use cases."


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