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AI-powered Auto-extraction and Contract Analytics Platform


AI-powered Contract Analytics

Drive better business outcomes with contract analytics

Get higher level of insights than legacy solutions at 5x the speed and 50% of the cost

Contracts are a valuable resource for any enterprise. They define obligations, manage risk, and set the stage for fruitful business relationships. However, enterprises often struggle to find contracts when they need them the most and the fact that businesses usually have thousands of contracts with heterogeneous structures and formats further complicates matters. In addition, searching through hundreds of pages of legal verbiage and manually extracting data drives up overhead costs.

Traditional contract extraction is largely suited for drawing out only high-level metadata and ignores important underlying information such as clauses, obligations, service levels and price books. As a result, it barely manages to provide adequate visibility and analytical insights, increasing risk exposure and failing to plug value leakage.

Enter SirionAE. With SirionAE’s AI-powered auto-extraction, you can now start bringing all your legacy contracts back to life. Our self-service module leverages a combination of OCR and NLP to help you convert legacy documents into searchable, digital objects, which can be accessed and retrieved easily. Contract metadata as well as clauses, obligations, service levels and even price books are captured by the system, based on which it provides insights to enable better business decisioning. In addition, learnings from every extraction cycle are fed back to the system to continuously enrich its AI core with historical data, patterns, and user feedback to improve extraction accuracy further.

Watch how SirionAE can help you extract faster and analyze smarter.

Use Cases

There are multiple business scenarios where SirionAE’s advanced contract analytics can play a crucial role in achieving desired outcomes.


Respond faster and smarter to unforeseen events to mitigate risks and reduce adverse business impact.

While an event like COVID 19 is a once-in-a-lifetime scenario, there are smaller but equally disastrous events such as earthquakes, floods, wildfires, storms and acts of terrorism, which can have a disruptive effect on your business. However, when one of these rare events does occur, there is hardly enough time to manually review and analyze contracts.

SirionAE helps you:

  • Respond rapidly and shorten contract review cycle time through AI-led contract analysis
  • Discover supplier risk associated with catastrophic events
  • Identify missing clauses and clause deviations across your portfolio

Manage risk and compliance with better visibility on missing and deviating contract clauses.

Regulations impact virtually every enterprise irrespective of the industry and geography you operate in. Whether it’s country-specific local laws, global standards such as the GDPR and IFRS-16, or major economic events such as Brexit and the LIBOR phaseout, failure to keep up and keep in line could result in major financial penalties, license cancellation and loss of reputation.

SirionAE helps you:

  • Proactively monitor extracted clauses and obligations data to monitor key regulatory compliance requirements for your suppliers
  • Efficiently respond to regulatory audit requests
  • Modify contracts swiftly to keep up with evolving regulatory requirements

Keep track of your contractual commitments and make better business decisions with contract analytics.

Often seen as the owner or manager of enterprise contracts, procurement is not only responsible for ensuring active contract obligations are adhered to but making sure that optimal terms and conditions are incorporated into all new supplier agreements.

SirionAE helps you:

  • Improve contract value realization through automated invoice validation against extracted contract data, terms
  • Unpack and digitize all contract components to identify preferential terms, conflicting commitments, performance thresholds, spending compliance
  • Assess supplier relationship viability from past contract performance data

Streamline your M&A process for more successful outcomes with contract auto-extraction.

While M&As are a critical component of an enterprise’s growth roadmap, they are among the most complex events an organization can face. Entire business systems need to be integrated and hundreds of due diligence queries need to be answered.

SirionAE helps you:

  • Streamline your M&A process with faster and accurate due diligence
  • Gain full transparency into factors affecting valuation
  • Shorten contract review cycle time by digitizing, extracting, and migrating contracts into a central repository

Adopt a smarter view to manage key account relationships with contract auto-extraction.

Sales is all about sealing the deal as it is the source of all revenue and the lifeblood of your business. As a result, there is a lot of pressure to close deals, which often leads to extended phases of negotiating a contract.

SirionAE helps you:

  • Ensure complete visibility on important contract terms, obligations, price books
  • Improve account-level EBITDA with reduced account governance costs through automation
  • Discover new cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Amplify your CLM, P2P, CRM and ERP investments by infusing them with AI extracted contract data.

While your enterprise relies on a number of IT systems, such as P2P, ERP, CRM, and CLM to streamline different functions, they often double up as your contract repository. However, you might still have to spend days manually extracting and reviewing data from your contracts for downstream analytics.

SirionAE can help you gain time and cost efficiency by:

  • Transforming your static repository of contracts into a rich source of AI-driven contract intelligence
  • Integrating with systems in your IT environment and boosting their capabilities
  • Giving you 360-degree visibility into your risks, commitments, and liabilities
  • Accelerating contract analysis and review using contextual document clustering, deduplication, and multi-level concurrent QC workflows

Kickstart LIBOR transition - from enterprise-wide contract review and digitization, to fallback language identification, remediation/repapering & third-party collaboration.

After spending nearly half a century as the lynchpin of the global financial industry, LIBOR is being retired. Deadline for completing the transition is set at December 2021. Enterprises need to quickly identify and remediate contract fallback language to specify replacement rate as well as the necessary adjustments to align the replacement rate with LIBOR.

SirionAE helps you:

  • Reduce the cost of LIBOR transition programs & mitigate the risk of missing LIBOR referenced contracts within your business
  • Manage entire LIBOR transition on a single, enterprise class, platform
  • Ensure all legacy and newly authored contracts refer to the correct ARR
  • Leverage this transition as an opportunity to digitize contracts, gain full control and visibility of content and terms, and transform existing contracting processes


Save time, lower

Up to 80% reduction in extraction time at 50% lower cost as compared to traditional options

Diminish risk exposure with improved visibility

Make better business decisions by interrogating contract data. Mitigate risk by analyzing and flagging missing and deviating contract elements like clauses and obligations

Effective in-life contract management

Extracted data is governance-ready and flows into downstream Sirion modules for ongoing performance monitoring and invoice validation, and SirionBI for analytics

Product Brief

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System Capabilities

Discover the technology powering Sirion's contract analytics capability

Sirion Advantage

Unmatched Extraction Granularity

SirionAE can not only pull out simple contract metadata but also extracts clauses, obligations, SLAs, price books, and more. In addition, it also performs multi-line, multicolumn, multi-table, multi-language data extractions on both handwritten and digital documents.

Sirion Advantage

Self-learning AI

SirionAE works on neural network technology. Unlike traditional systems, which work on rule-based AI and need to be trained, Sirion’s AI works by analyzing patterns in extracted data and self-improving, continuously learning as more data is extracted.

Sirion Advantage

Ease of Use

Drag and drop documents to seamlessly upload, review, and analyze them in an easy-to-use interface with configurable workflows and access control features

Sirion Advantage

Simplified Document Analysis

SirionAE extracts documents and performs clustering analysis to flag similar or duplicate documents. In addition, processed documents can be tagged and batched quickly for subsequent assignment, quality control reviews and performance analytics.

Sirion Advantage

Upstream and Downstream Integration

SirionAE is an integration-ready solution. Extracted data can flow into upstream modules such as contract authoring for repapering or future negotiations, as well as downstream governance modules, or even third-party P2P, ERP and CRM systems.

Sirion Advantage

Risk Analytics

Compute contract risk scores and gain insights into missing clauses and clause deviations such as position and attribute changes and alert all stakeholders of potential penalties and losses.

“Artificial intelligence is helping the process of reporting and analysis of unanticipated issues.”

Andrew Bartels, Forrester

“Sirion ensures better quality control, usage of approved contractual content, and increased transparency about the contracting process.”

Marcus Haberschusz-Beaufort, Head of IT Vendor Management, Raiffeisen Bank

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