Invoice Auditing

Plug invoice leakage through automated reconciliation of performance, contractual and invoicing data

Auto Invoice Auditing

Minimize financial value leakage by identifying and correcting invoicing discrepancies

  • Computational algorithms enable automated calculation and validation of invoice amounts based on raw invoice and performance data
  • The system performs a four-way reconciliation across contracted pricing, performance data, invoices and POs
  • Invoicing data is sourced through seamless integration with ERP and P2P systems
  • Automated review and approval workflows for invoice, consumption and performance data
  • Advanced analytics on invoices, underlying raw data and discrepancies

Consumption Tracking

Ensure accuracy in invoices through approved consumption data

  • Upload consumption data across services through Sirion’s bulk management capabilities or direct integration with third-party systems
  • Analyze consumption-based invoice validations to quickly manage discrepancies and exceptions
  • Perform on-the-fly approvals and deep analysis of consumption data

Spend Management

Drive financial discipline and identify opportunities for savings by tracking actual spend against different types of spend pools

  • Gain greater visibility into spending, with automated tracking of actual spend against different types of spend pools
  • Manage both types of spend pool: those assigned on overall spend budgets, and those assigned per contract for raising future WOs and SOWs
  • Automatically track against spend pool based on contracts in the system
  • Track aggregate value realization for any given supplier or account under the contract against the adjusted business case in real time

Resource Units and Price Books

Easy capture of contracted rates and charges to enable auto-validation of what was ultimately performed and invoiced

  • Automatically create and validate invoices based on approved price books and resource units
  • Designed for simple as well as complex pricing structures, including fixed fee, time and material, base units, ARC / RRC, adjustments, etc.
  • Apply predefined currency exchange rate cards or continuous feeds with currency exchange rate sources
Sirion Products

Simplify the contract authoring process and significantly reduce the time and effort needed to create and approve new contracts


Gain complete visibility and control over your contract portfolio through Sirion’s powerful contract repository: Leverage hierarchical document storage, auto-extraction of contract data, and advanced change management capabilities


Easily identify and correct invoicing discrepancies by auto-validating invoice data against underlying contractual obligations and performance data


Improve performance delivery with a comprehensive and automated approach that streamlines the capture, computation and monitoring of obligations and service levels, and link performance to real business impact


Drive improved alignment and collaboration between buyer and supplier teams through a shared view of contract and performance data, and through data-backed relationship governance


Use BI-powered analytics to gain unmatched visibility of risks and opportunities in the contract portfolio, enabling superior decision making at both operational and strategic levels


Sirion Can Help You Achieve Better Business Outcomes