Contract Management

AI-driven auto-extraction and advanced analytics enable unprecedented visibility, control and efficiency in contract management

Dynamic Contract Repository

Integrated document viewer to review the contract document, with clause-level links to obligations, service levels and change requests

  • Hierarchical document storage with granular, document-level access-control
  • Integrated document viewer to review the contract document with clause-level links to obligations, service levels, and change requests
  • Advanced full-text, metadata and clause-level search
  • Configurable alerts, notifications and calendar views to monitor upcoming renewals and expirations
  • Contract tiering to enable deep management of strategic contracts while a lighter touch for tactical contracts
  • Rich analytics available on contract value, expiration dates, etc.

Auto-extraction of Contract Data

AI and NLP driven auto-extraction of contract data for comprehensive and efficient monitoring of contract terms and deliverables

  • Populate the contract repository with AI-driven auto-extraction of contract metadata, T&Cs, obligations, service levels, deliverables, price books, etc.
  • Hundreds of standard and custom fields captured at the supplier, contract and obligation levels
  • Sirion’s ML engine becomes progressively smarter and delivers improved accuracy with each extraction as it continuously ‘learns’ variations in contract structures and taxonomies

Effective Change Management

Comprehensive tracking of contract changes with detailed metadata capture, workflows and audit logs

  • Ensure capture of contract changes with effective version control
  • Workflows for seamless downstream updates to contracts and contained obligations
  • View all document changes overlaid on contract pages, whether originating from contract changes, interpretations, work orders or new SOWs
  • With instant access to all contract documents on native document viewer, keep contract documents open while making contract changes

Contract Interpretations

Enable consistent understanding of the contract through effective management of contract interpretations

  • Comprehensive contract interpretation management including workflow, reporting and analytics
  • Ensure that approved interpretations are embedded in the contract, automatically cascading downstream changes to contracts
  • Integrated document viewer for live viewing of contract documents, with direct links to originating obligations and related contract interpretations
  • Advanced search capabilities for enhanced contract interpretation
Sirion Products

Simplify the contract authoring process and significantly reduce the time and effort needed to create and approve new contracts


Gain complete visibility and control over your contract portfolio through Sirion’s powerful contract repository: Leverage hierarchical document storage, auto-extraction of contract data, and advanced change management capabilities


Easily identify and correct invoicing discrepancies by auto-validating invoice data against underlying contractual obligations and performance data


Improve performance delivery with a comprehensive and automated approach that streamlines the capture, computation and monitoring of obligations and service levels, and link performance to real business impact


Drive improved alignment and collaboration between buyer and supplier teams through a shared view of contract and performance data, and through data-backed relationship governance


Use BI-powered analytics to gain unmatched visibility of risks and opportunities in the contract portfolio, enabling superior decision making at both operational and strategic levels


Sirion Can Help You Achieve Better Business Outcomes