Contract Authoring

Leverage automation to streamline the creation and execution of new contracts at scale


Clause Library

Comprehensive clause libraries for intuitive contract creation and self-service

  • Use clause and definition libraries for intuitive contract creation, including variations for preferred, fall-back and walk-away positions
  • Search and filter by standard and custom attributes to easily find the clause you need
  • Quickly create new clauses and definitions and obtain approvals
  • Smart tags in clauses help auto-populate data from contract draft requests or through one-time entry
  • Single-click addition of new variations directly from a draft in MS Word

Template Library

Streamline and standardize contract creation with pre-approved contract templates

  • Assemble templates from clauses and definitions in enterprise libraries, and even select from predefined template styles
  • Use template structures to drive standardization during template creation, such as mandatory clauses or clause sequence
  • Store template families in a template library, enabling simultaneous authoring of contract packages, complete with parent and child contracts, attachments and schedules
  • Intelligent template suggestion based on data entered in a contract draft request
  • Auto-generate the first draft simply by filling out smart tags in MS Word through the Sirion add-in, while preserving style format

MS Word Add-In

Simplify negotiations within the familiar MS Word environment

  • Deep MS Word integration – compare versions and automatically sync all redlines, comments and changes to Sirion
  • Access your complete enterprise clause library from within the MS Word document
  • Simplify draft analysis through AI – Sirion automatically reads counterparty paper and suggests matching clauses and variations from a clause library

Configurable Workflows

Automated workflows for improved efficiency and tracking

  • Configurable workflows to manage the contract creation process from contract draft request to contract creation, negotiation, final approval and signature
  • Automated versioning and control over which versions the counterparty can access
  • Complete audit log of who changed what

…and More

  • Implement digital signatures of final contracts through integration with third-party eSignature applications such as DocuSign
  • Numerous insights at your fingertips, such as contract & attorney management, time to closure, clause usage and deviation analysis
  • Auto-port contracts from authoring to the repository for post-signature management
Sirion Products

Simplify the contract authoring process and significantly reduce the time and effort needed to create and approve new contracts


Gain complete visibility and control over your contract portfolio through Sirion’s powerful contract repository: Leverage hierarchical document storage, auto-extraction of contract data, and advanced change management capabilities


Easily identify and correct invoicing discrepancies by auto-validating invoice data against underlying contractual obligations and performance data


Improve performance delivery with a comprehensive and automated approach that streamlines the capture, computation and monitoring of obligations and service levels, and link performance to real business impact


Drive improved alignment and collaboration between buyer and supplier teams through a shared view of contract and performance data, and through data-backed relationship governance


Use BI-powered analytics to gain unmatched visibility of risks and opportunities in the contract portfolio, enabling superior decision making at both operational and strategic levels


Sirion Can Help You Achieve Better Business Outcomes