Advanced Analytics

BI-powered analytics for real-time insights into contract performance

Real-time Business Intelligence

SirionBI offers comprehensive functionality – from data preparation to discovery of insights

  • On-demand Analytics – analyze and visualize complex contract data on the fly
  • Employ predictive analytics to stay ahead of potential issues and changes
  • Ensure 100% accuracy in consolidating data, no matter how large or disparate the sources
  • SirionBI Pulse continually monitors standard metrics and alerts users in cases of changes that merit attention
  • SirionBI Narratives delivers text-based insights alongside visualizations, improving understanding of the data and expediting decision making

Reports & Dashboards

Real-time insights into contract performance through an extensive collection of standard and custom dashboards and reports

  • Leverage hundreds of domain-specific dashboards and reports representing key contract governance metrics
  • Use comprehensive (not partial) drill-downs on all reports and graphs to determine the root cause
  • Rich functionality through visualizations, auto narration of insights, personalization, click-through charts, etc.
  • Standard and custom reports available online and via scheduled email delivery

Data Integrations

A transparent pane of glass to accurately and efficiently manage all aspects of enterprise engagements through Sirion’s real-time integration with other enterprise systems

  • RESTful APIs strategically extend contract management, delivering a holistic view of enterprise relationships through integrations with other enterprise systems
  • Create a single source of truth for contract, performance, invoicing and relationship data
  • Easy integration with adjacent enterprise systems such as spend analytics, procure-to-pay, CRM and ERP
  • Be up and running in just a few weeks!
Sirion Products

Simplify the contract authoring process and significantly reduce the time and effort needed to create and approve new contracts


Gain complete visibility and control over your contract portfolio through Sirion’s powerful contract repository: Leverage hierarchical document storage, auto-extraction of contract data, and advanced change management capabilities


Easily identify and correct invoicing discrepancies by auto-validating invoice data against underlying contractual obligations and performance data


Improve performance delivery with a comprehensive and automated approach that streamlines the capture, computation and monitoring of obligations and service levels, and link performance to real business impact


Drive improved alignment and collaboration between buyer and supplier teams through a shared view of contract and performance data, and through data-backed relationship governance


Use BI-powered analytics to gain unmatched visibility of risks and opportunities in the contract portfolio, enabling superior decision making at both operational and strategic levels


Sirion Can Help You Achieve Better Business Outcomes