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SirionLabs to Launch its Powerful New Business Intelligence Engine at IACCM Americas Conference 2018

SirionBI revolutionizes the role of analytics in driving procurement and contract performance through real-time insights

St. Petersburg, FL, Oct 29, 2018: SirionLabs, the provider of the world’s most advanced contract performance management platform, today announced that it will be launching its powerful new business intelligence engine, SirionBI, at the IACCM Americas Conference to be held in St. Petersburg, Florida from 29–31 October. The IACCM Americas Conference is an annual event focused on commercial and contracting excellence.

SirionBI enables real-time access to powerful analytics and rich insights from big data generated during large services engagements including data for obligations, service levels, invoicing, issues, actions and spend. It transforms traditional static reporting into dynamic dashboards with the ability to analyze complex datasets from multiple sources, providing extensive range of visualizations, auto narration of insights, data manipulation and real-time notifications based on pre-set thresholds. SirionBI provides the ability to embed live dashboards into other applications for tracking, reporting and communication. SirionBI is built into Sirion’s existing platform allowing seamless integration of the business intelligence capabilities with Sirion’s modules for contract, performance, financial, relationship and risk management.

“A remarkable volume of data is generated during the course of commercial engagements between enterprises. Sirion’s integrated contract management platform enables centralized access to this data by connecting a range of enterprise systems such as ERP, P2P, ITSM and GRC. With SirionBI, our clients now have a single window to analyze large pools of data, enabling unprecedented visibility into their supplier and customer engagements.” Says Ajay Agrawal, Co-founder and Chairman, SirionLabs. “With its deep analytical capabilities combined with an intuitive user experience, SirionBI makes it easy for enterprises to have a truly data-driven strategy for managing commercial engagements.”

In addition to sponsoring the event, SirionLabs will be collaborating with AbbVie, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, for a case study presentation. The presentation titled ‘Getting Contract Management Right in a ‘Services-Centric’ Supply Chain’ will focus on the challenges faced by enterprises in today’s services-centric supply chain eco-system. The session will explore how AbbVie and SirionLabs are redefining the role of contract and supplier relationship management through process innovation and the use of advanced technology to maximize the financial and business value, while mitigating risks in AbbVie’s outsourcing services contracts.

Details of the presentation session:

  • When: Tuesday, 30th October, 12 Noon (Track A)
  • Speakers: Mark Mullally, Associate Director, Risk and Vendor Performance, Outsourcing Center of Excellence, AbbVie and Claude Marais, Co-founder and President, SirionLabs

If you are headed to the event, please do stop by booth #1 to meet the SirionLabs team and get a quick demonstration of Sirion’s capabilities. For additional information, please review the event website and the event agenda.

About SirionLabs

SirionLabs is transforming the contracting engagement between enterprises by bringing the contracting parties closer together across the full lifecycle of the contract – from authoring to performance to closure. Sirion’s award-winning platform serves as a single source of truth for both parties across all key disciplines – contracts, performance, financial, risk and relationship management. This collaborative and holistic approach materially reduces the friction between both parties, improving transparency and trust, driving tangible cost savings of 10% of ACV while reducing the cost of governance by 45%.

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