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SirionLabs Launches SirionM&A, an AI-Driven M&A Platform that Expedites Legal Review and Contract Analysis by 70%

With M&As picking up steam in H2 2020, new solution helps companies realize better deal value by streamlining pre-M&A due diligence and post-M&A integration process reducing inefficiencies stemming from manual review

SEATTLE, WA – September 10, 2020 – SirionLabs today announced the release of its new platform SirionM&A. The AI-powered platform simplifies the complex M&A process by reducing the time associated with manual diligence by 70%, enabling full transparency into contract clauses and obligations, and shortening contract review cycle times.

“We’ve heard from many organizations who want an easier way to complete M&A due diligence at the speed they require without sacrificing the integrity of the review process,” said Ajay Agrawal, founder and chairman of SirionLabs. “SirionM&A cuts review and analysis down to hours versus weeks and months, which will be game changing in terms of how fast corporate transactions get done.  With far better accuracy, speed and insights than traditional due diligence solutions, firms can now allocate more time on strategies focused on the best way to merge and integrate to realize true synergy savings.”

The Most Efficient Way to Perform M&A Diligence Bar None

For many organizations, speed is a major advantage when it comes to evaluating deals and negotiating terms for mergers and acquisitions. However, administering inherited contract data is time consuming, tedious, and expensive. Manually migrating and consolidating these contracts (which are usually stored across multiple IT systems) into a central repository and reviewing them can take months, or even years depending on the scale of the M&A transaction. The longer it takes, your risk exposure is significantly higher, and contracts may need to be updated to bring them in line with regulatory changes and missing GDPR, CCPA IFRS16 clauses.

SirionM&A helps firms simplify the process using an AI-driven approach to document extraction, governance and collaboration. The platform helps standardize commercial contracting practices, while gaining insights needed to identify hidden warranties, product liabilities, most favored nations clauses, complex pricing structures, and more. As a central repository where you can easily extract key information inside contracts, documents can immediately be made review and governance ready with modules for legal and performance analytics, as well as how M&As will impact key stakeholders.

SirionLabs is a pioneer in contract lifecycle management (CLM) with offices in New York and new global headquarters based in Seattle, which brings its current headcount to more than 40 in the U.S and growing rapidly. To learn more, you may download the SirionM&A product brief.

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About SirionLabs

SirionLabs, the SaaS leader in enterprise contract management (CLM), helps enterprises manage the complete contracting lifecycle on a single, easy-to-use platform. Founded in 2012, SirionLabs applies breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technology to meet the needs of businesses in the digital age. The team is composed of enterprise experts from leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cloudera, and VMWare.

Sirion’s AI-powered capabilities – from smart contract authoring to auto-contract extraction, advanced obligation management and collaboration – enable enterprises to drive business velocity and outcomes, reduce risk and enhance revenue and savings in commercial engagements. With more than 500 employees across three continents, SirionLabs enables leading companies such as Vodafone, Unilever and BP to manage 3.5+ million contracts across 100+ countries.

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