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Sirion enables transportation companies to better manage their large, multi-sourced portfolio of services suppliers through real-time and analytics-driven tracking of performance, invoices and relationships


Putting Supplier Management Back on Track

Global transportation has been in a state of constant flux over the past decade. Increased outsourcing of core business functions has required transportation companies to exercise greater oversight of their strategic suppliers, given how directly supplier performance affects corporate priorities such as regulatory compliance, safety and customer satisfaction. This increased pressure on supplier governance has been a secular trend across all transportation segments—aviation, rail, road, marine and logistics—with each segment presenting its own unique challenges over and beyond this larger trend.

The aviation industry, perhaps the most visible segment, is complex, cost-driven and highly regulated. Most aspects of the business—airplane maintenance, baggage handling, catering, facilities management, security, terminal services, IT, back office, customer care and telecom—are sourced externally.

The rail industry, meanwhile, has been on a continuous modernization journey to enhance the passenger experience through improved safety, comfort and convenience. Whether government-controlled or privatized, rail operators must work with a large and complex network of suppliers to provide a reliable and safe transportation experience. From infrastructure development, railcar maintenance, food services, facilities management and parking to ticketing, IT and telecom, a significant portion of the ecosystem is outsourced with contract terms often extending 15-20 years.

Effective management of this services-centric supply chain is critical, yet most organizations lack the right technologies to enable transparency and collaboration in supplier engagements, particularly during the in-life phase of the contract. A significant opportunity exists to drive improved outcomes and financial discipline in outsourcing contracts through active, analytics-driven supplier management.

Key Services Outsourced

  • Business processes (e.g. finance & accounting, HR)

  • Cargo and baggage handling

  • Catering

  • Facilities management

  • Ground handling and security

  • IT (e.g. application development and maintenance, data centers, network, end-user computing)

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Telecom

  • Ticketing, customer care, and terminal

“As airports move into the future, they need to change their approach to managing suppliers to allow for the supply chain’s increasingly immediate impact on the customer experience.”

Michael Burns - Partner and Aviation Leader

“DfT’s initiative for integrated management of contracts combines Sirion’s technology with industry best practices.”

Sarah Younghusband, Former Head of Contract Design and Management

The Challenges

  • 63% of the total sourcing budget is spent on services vs. buying goods/commodities, making in-life management of contracts very important
  • Understaffed and manual contract governance capability with supplier obligations tracked on spreadsheets and ineffective tracking of contract changes
  • Clients rely heavily on suppliers to self-report performance and ensure invoicing accuracy—there’s very limited validation capability

Sirion for Transportation

Sirion offers an AI-driven, integrated platform for transportation companies to manage contracts, performance, invoices and relationships in buy-side services contracts.

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