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Pharma and Life Sciences

Sirion enables pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to effectively collaborate with services suppliers in a transparent and analytics-driven environment, driving improved business outcomes, innovation and financial value

Pharma & Lifesciences

Managing Suppliers at a Molecular Level

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry today faces challenges on many fronts: The pipeline of blockbuster drugs is drying up, the cost of developing new drugs keeps rising, pressure from payers and policymakers is increasing, and maintaining R&D productivity is always difficult. As a result, companies must find ways to drive down costs and improve operational efficiency—and a close, collaborative relationship with suppliers can be very beneficial.

But this is not easy given the sheer scale, geographical distribution of suppliers, and the numerous downstream subcontractor relationships. What adds to the complexity is the emergence of outsourcing suppliers in the pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chain – from contract research and contract manufacturing to IT and back-office functions.

As the supply chain becomes more services-centric, the traditional, manual approach for contract and supplier management is proving to be inadequate in ensuring that strategic suppliers meet their contractual commitments. This can cause delayed product launches, cost escalations and regulatory issues.

Key Services Outsourced

  • Business processes (e.g. finance & accounting, HR)

  • Contract research and manufacturing

  • Facilities management

  • IT (e.g. application development and maintenance, architecture and engineering support, network, and service desk services)

  • Laboratory services

  • Logistics

  • Pharmacovigilance

  • Telecom

“Modern contract management must go beyond the traditional pre-signature focus.”

Andrew Bartels, VP and Principal Analyst

“We chose Sirion due to its advanced capabilities for managing complex services contracts post-award.”

Tim Jaggard, Finance Director

The Challenges

  • A significant portion of the total third-party spend is focused on buying services, making in-life management of contracts even more important
  • Understaffed and manual contract governance capability with supplier obligations tracked on spreadsheets and ineffective tracking of contract changes
  • Clients rely heavily on suppliers to self-report performance and ensure invoicing accuracy—there’s very limited validation capability

Sirion for Pharma and Life Sciences

Sirion offers an AI-driven, integrated platform for pharma and life sciences companies to manage contracts, performance, invoices and relationships in buy-side services contracts.

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