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Contract smarter so you can focus on
ensuring better patient care outcomes.

Contract Management Maturity: Combining Organizational and Digital Maturity to Achieve Commercial Excellence

Exclusive report featuring Spend Matters research.

Key contracting
challenges for
healthcare companies

Healthcare enterprises operate in a business environment characterized by a fragmented ecosystem of payors, providers, suppliers, and patients. The relationships between such entities are underpinned by contracts that are constantly subject to evolving regulatory standards and everchanging commercial practices. Legacy systems and manual processes are just not enough to handle the volume and velocity of care delivery, and could lead to potential legal liability, hard value leakage due to incorrect billing or reimbursement, spiraling procurement costs, and less-than-optimal patient outcomes.

"We chose Sirion to power UCLH's initiative to drive improved financial value and performance in our large procurement and client contracts due to its advanced contract management capabilities."

Tim Jaggard
Finance Director

SirionOne for healthcare

As one of the cornerstones of modern society, healthcare enterprises need to maintain their focus on improving patient care outcomes. As a result, they cannot afford to exhaust time and critical resources on tertiary tasks like contract management. With SirionOne, stakeholders across the value chain – such as insurers, physician groups, patients, and suppliers – can come together on a single platform to contract smarter, automate administrative tasks, and gain unparalleled efficiency in terms of lower costs, fewer compliance issues, and even fewer disputes and disruptions of care.

Gain complete visibility into the contract portfolio to ensure compliance with JACHO, HITECH, ACA, and HIPAA, and with quality and data protection standards such as GCP and GDPR.

Uncover risk elements buried deep within contracts, assess probable impact, and take corrective action with data-driven insights.

Enable intelligent self-service contracting to quickly generate BAA and other types of contracts, accelerate physician and provider onboarding, and ensure better business outcomes.

Leverage contract intelligence to inform repapering and amendment exercises and keep supplier contracts and long term agreements such as PFI deals up to date.

Maintain visibility into and tight control over the contracting chain with a bird’s eye view of supplier and subcontractor relationships.

Monitor contractual obligations, service levels, milestones, renewal and expirations dates, and more through a single pane of glass.

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Plug value leakage while improving supplier performance through integrated post-signature management of strategic suppliers.

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