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Why I’m joining SirionLabs

The last eight years of my career have been incredible. In 2008, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and notwithstanding an exhausting lock, stock and barrel move to India and back to the silicon valley, it has been an amazing ride. Between then and now, I’ve started a couple of companies and a seed fund, spent two fantastic years at Oracle, and played multiple roles – software developer, product manager, and product marketer. Make no mistake, far from suffering burnout I’m still raring to swing for the fences!

Enterprise SaaS has become popular for the plethora of front-office SaaS applications available, spanning sales & marketing automation, customer service, content management, community management, etc. Back-office SaaS applications have a lot of catching up to do. In fact, greenfield opportunities still exist in categories such as ERP, procurement, IT service management, and supply chain.

SirionLabs is all set to create a new category in the procurement space – a SaaS application for supplier governance. Led by founders Ajay and Claude, the company is executing a fantastic go-to-market, using the contract management of complex services as an entry point. The recent Series B funding round gives enough dry powder to execute on sales, marketing and product frontiers for the next 12-18 months. At the pace at which cloud and SaaS are being adopted in the enterprise back-office, Sirion’s Total Addressable Market (TAM) is huge. I reckon it could even spillover it’s current niche.

So, what do I bring to this already rich table?

Marry a computer scientist to a marketer and you get me. I’m not your classical corporate marketer.  I’m a techie. I’m a mar-tech-er. I voyeur mouse moves on website (think Mouseflow, Clicktale) rather than track eye movements in retail aisles. I rely on A/B test outcomes (a la Optimizely, Wingify) as opposed to going with opinion. I value the IP addresses of prospects over their company name. I believe, like sales, marketing should be compensated on performance and have a lead commit, instead of being driven by corporate branding. As the chief marketing officer, my goal is to build a data-driven marketing organization, driven by performance than gut feel.

The seeds of this foundational thought process were sown in 2004 when I worked at Veritas Software. The team there had an extraordinary vision of self-service marketing automation. Lack of available options forced us to write our own. Over the years, the thought process has solidified that tech-data-analytics defines the future of marketing.

I’m super excited about this new opportunity, more so, it motivates me 10X that the road and the new role ahead looks strikingly different than the one behind me.

Wish me luck and come chat with me on twitter!

P.S. That’s me posing with the constant spewing Kilauea in Hawaii