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Simplify client and supplier onboarding, minimize risk,
and standardize your contracting practice to ensure
stringent compliance and truncate costs.

Procurement Transformation: Unlocking the Full Potential of Third Party Relationships at Hanover Insurance

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Key contracting
challenges for
financial services companies

Financial agreements underpin every transaction, whether it is with a simple retail customer or a complex network of brokers, hedge funds, government entities, and other intermediaries. As a result, financial services companies need 360-degree visibility into their portfolio, interrogate and report on their existing contractual relationships on demand, and ensure that they are always in line with emerging regulatory requirements.

"Sirion CLM has improved adherence to the approved contracting process, enhanced efficiency for audit reporting by 100% and is the foundation for our SRB and EBA outsourcing reports."

Marcus Haberschusz-Beaufort
Head of IT Vendor Management

SirionOne for financial services

Overseeing financial contracts is time-consuming and tedious, but it shouldn't be. With SirionOne, our integrated AI-led contracting platform, you can simplify how you create compliant contracts, digitize and extract intelligence from existing agreements, enhance collaboration across functional silos, and use the insights you discover to standardize your financial contracting practice, minimize regulatory risk, and enable anyone to contract smarter and faster than ever before.

Gain complete visibility into contract portfolio to ensure compliance with SOX, ISDA, ESMA, and FINRA regulatory requirements.

Uncover risk elements buried deep within contracts, assess their probable impact, and take corrective action using data-driven insights.

Enable intelligent self-service contracting to create smarter contracts, accelerate client and supplier onboarding, and ensure better business outcomes.

Leverage contract intelligence to inform repapering and amendment exercises and keep financial agreements up to date.

Ensure accounting compliance by automatically tracking key dates and terms and keeping an accurate record for audit purposes.

Discover underperforming contracts and cost saving opportunities.

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