Procurement Leaders – Agility & Transformation Forum 2019

September 10-11, 2019 | Chicago, IL

SirionLabs is participating as a sponsor and exhibitor at the Procurement Leaders – Agility & Transformation Forum 2019 in Chicago, Illinois from 10–11 September. The theme for this year’s conference is “Sharpen your competitive edge: Trust, Transparency, and performance.”

Additional information about the event is available on the event website. You can view the detailed agenda here.

Visit the SirionLabs team at booth #12 to get a firsthand view of the world’s most advanced contract lifecycle management platform – Sirion. SirionLabs will also be hosting the following thought leadership discussions:

CPO Challenger session: Why CLM transformation is often lost in translation?

When: Tuesday, 10th September (Day 1), 11:45 AM
Moderator: Claude Marais, Co-Founder and President, SirionLabs

Most large enterprises have implemented contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology. Many are disappointed. While it appears that the technical implementation was successful, there is little to show in terms of tangible impact. While it feels more ‘digital’, the business outcomes have not improved. Stakeholder feedback suggests legacy issues still exist in contracting processes. And there is still extensive manual effort required to bridge the gaps not addressed by CLM.

This session will discuss the possible reasons for the above issues in their CLM and procurement strategy and how companies can adjust their approach to address these issues.

• Is the vision unclear or lacks alignment with business needs? Are we setting the wrong expectations, or do we aim too low?
• Were the capabilities oversold? Does CLM still lack the breadth of capability enterprises need?
• How should we pick the right solution? Solution for today, or one we can grow into tomorrow?
• Is it a technology issue or a change management and adaptation issue?
• How do we align competing views and needs to create an enterprise CLM vision?
• How do we adapt our sourcing strategies in the process?

Roundtable: Is CLM ‘a journey through a maze’ or a strategic business transformation opportunity?

When: Tuesday, 10th September (Day 1), 2:20 PM
Moderator: Claude Marais, Co-Founder and President, SirionLabs

Different organizations view Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) differently. Many view it as an administrative tool, some see its tactical benefits in improving contracting efficiency and a few recognize its transformative potential. The CLM technology landscape is equally diverse – from basic to advanced and from narrow to comprehensive. Additionally, there are new advancements – through technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), blockchain, etc. – rapidly expanding the CLM horizon.

How do you view CLM? Does it only mean a repository for you or contract authoring or do you see it as an integrated platform for managing the complete lifecycle of your contracts – from creation and storage to performance monitoring, financial management, and relationship management? How can organizations better align their CLM strategy to their business objectives and their procurement eco-system? Where does real value lie on the CLM journey? What should/could CLM’s future look like? What role will AI, NLP, blockchain, etc. play in CLM’s future? Do you believe smart contracts will have any tangible impact on contract management in the foreseeable future?