Credit Suisse integrates CLM into a P2P platform to create a single source of truth for all contracts

With a global business footprint spanning more than 5o countries, Credit Suisse maintains a massive, geographically dispersed supplier base. A global vendor management office (VMO) was created to help track that vast supplier network. However, the company's siloed IT landscape prevented a unified view of vendor contracts, their deliverables, timelines, performance and compliance. Credit Suisse determined to transition to a contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that could bridge its existing P2P and risk management platforms, simplify vendor management processes and improve compliance.

Download our Credit Suisse case study to learn how one of the world's leading financial services providers deployed Sirion as its VMO platform and digitally transformed how supplier contracts are managed post-signature.

Case Study

Credit Suisse: Contract Management Transformation in the Financial Services industry

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