The Sirion Webinars

CLM Maturity Spectrum: The Journey to Commercial Value Management

The range of business capability in different contract management areas – from authoring and analytics to operationalization and cross-functional collaboration – is broad among enterprises, and only a select few can claim their processes are truly mature, integrated and value-focused.

But there’s hope! A new generation of contract management solutions is exploring beyond contracting automation, accelerating the journey toward commercial excellence. These solutions are not only helping organizations enhance their own CLM maturity, but also enabling them to push their partners to evolve, framing contracts as the keystone of cross-functional and inter-company value-creation.

The webinar panel features Gaurav Gupta, General Manager, ETS Supplier Strategy and Performance, Unilever and Pierre Mitchell, Managing Director and Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters alongside Ajay Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, SirionLabs.