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Store, Secure, and Scale Contracts with SirionOne, Powered by Enterprise-Grade Microsoft Azure

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Contracts are essential to ensure the smooth operation of enterprises. They define the relationships between entities and individuals and explicitly relay what each party is expected to do. In case of lack of clarity or a dispute, businesses can refer to contracts and smooth out any friction in their processes. However, a typical organization deals with hundreds and thousands of contracts at a time. Creating, reviewing, and signing these many contracts in itself is a mammoth task. When an operational obstacle arises, going through the huge body of contracts manually and identifying the specific one that addresses the issue can be incredibly challenging.

A contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution can transform an endless stack of contract paperwork into a digital repository, where specific clauses, obligations, and other data can be extracted on-demand, in real-time. It can automate countless processes associated with managing a contract and reduce the need for manual efforts.

Today, organizations are getting keen on deploying a CLM solution, as the Covid-19 crisis subsides. Industries that shrivelled in capacity during the pandemic will be faced with a steady rise in demand. Companies will need to scale their operations, onboard more suppliers, and sign even more contracts to keep their businesses going.

When choosing a CLM solution, businesses need to ensure that the solution is agile and scalable. Since the pandemic started, we have witnessed how volatile the business landscape can get. Hence, it is important to be farsighted when zeroing in on a CLM solution, keeping in mind the current needs while being flexible enough to adapt to emerging business situations.

Weathering business upheavals with a nimble cloud-based CLM solution

As an organization’s volume and complexity of contracts grow, there is an inflow of more data. CLM solutions that rely on on-premise systems struggle with large volumes of data because they have to upgrade their infrastructure, increase the capacity of their data center and, at the same time, keep a tab on their rising up-time to manage that kind of data volume. Our smarter contracting platform SirionOne is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which makes it scalable and enables it to store and manage millions of contract documents at once. No matter the size of the enterprise or the number of contracts, SirionOne can process an endless number of contracts, simultaneously.

Taking tough measures to ensure contract data security

When it comes to cloud technology, there is often a question about the security of the data. In contracting especially, data is strictly confidential and requires the highest grade of protection. Users of the SirionOne platform benefit from the security and monitoring tools offered by Azure. They have the resources,  use robust infrastructure and leverage state-of-the-art security standards that protect critical contractual data.

Azure ensures absolute integrity of the data and helps with data backup too. The contractual data stored is backed up on the Azure Recovery Services Vault. It allows SirionOne users to recover their data stored on Azure cloud as well as their on-premise data for a trouble-free contracting experience.

Going beyond scalability in volume and covering scalability in scope

As the momentum of digital transformation accelerates, industries across the world want to deploy new-age applications and systems. Even small and medium enterprises are exploring ways to leverage technology in their different spheres of operation to boost efficiency.

But the problem with deploying a wide range of business technologies, applications and systems is ensuring that they are integrated. Microsoft Azure extends that ability to SirionOne – third-party applications can be integrated on Azure with utmost ease.

In addition, it also provides a holistic view of hybrid application infrastructures to help assess the performance of all applications. Overall, it increases the scope for integrations and enables businesses to seize opportunities faster and, with more success.


The CLM solution that you choose should be able to support your business growth. Azure enables SirionOne to seamlessly scale its capabilities which, in turn, enable the company to keep up with growing business and contracting needs. And security is not left behind either. Thus, Azure and SirionLabs ensure complete, secure, end-to-end contract management.

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