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SirionLabs September 2020 Newsletter

Our September newsletter is out now! Features updates on our recent webinar with CATS CM, Boskalis and WorldCC on aligning contracts with company goals, Ardent Partner’s latest research report, overview of SirionLabs’ solution for M&As, and much more.

[Webinar Recording] Aligning Contracts and Organizational Goals: Why Enterprises Can’t Afford to Get this Wrong

Most businesses do not have an effective way to ensure alignment between contracts and the overall organizational objectives. This creates conflict and friction in the enterprise value chain but more importantly it puts organizational goals at risk! Watch this webinar featuring experts from Boskalis, CATS CM, World Commerce & Contracting and SirionLabs, to learn about an innovative contract management methodology – CATS CM® – that enables this critical alignment.


[Solution Brief] Sirion Merger & Acquisition Solution

M&As are among the most complex events an organization faces, characterized by integrations across disparate business systems, thousands of due diligence queries needing resolution, and absorption of new commitments, liabilities, and risk. Download this solution brief to discover how Sirion’s AI-led platform can help you realize better deal value by streamlining pre-M&A due diligence and post-M&A integration process.


[Solution Brief] Sirion: The LIBOR-ARR Transition Platform

The transition from the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) to a new Alternative Reference Rate (ARR) needs to be completed by December 2021. But moving on won’t be easy, as LIBOR serves as the benchmark for trillions of dollars of financial instruments. Download this solution brief to learn how Sirion’s advanced technology can help simplify the LIBOR transition process for your organization.


[Report] Transforming Vendor Performance through Innovative Contract Management

New and innovative contract management technology emerging today empowers procurement departments by combining AI with advanced analytics to provide robust and automated ways to evaluate, and ultimately, improve supplier results. Download this report to discover how procurement organizations can leverage contract management technology to improve internal operations, transform vendor performance, and impact the bottom line.


[Solution Brief] SirionLabs Integration with Ariba

SirionLabs and Ariba have adjacent features with their functionalities overlapping in key areas. Augmenting Ariba’s best-in-class P2P capabilities with Sirion’s AI-led authoring, contract analytics, and key post-signature capabilities can help businesses control risk, gain visibility into their commercial contracts and start realizing hard savings. Download this solution brief to learn how Sirion’s out-of-the-box integration with Ariba offers the best of both solutions to customers.


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