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How SirionLabs is Ensuring Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Image: [Blog] How SirionLabs is Ensuring Business Continuity During the COVID-19

With the COVID 19 pandemic creating unprecedented challenges for the society and the global economy, SirionLabs has taken swift and concrete steps to ensure the well-being of our employees and clients. Here’s a quick summary of how SirionLabs’ COVID-19 response is ensuring business continuity during the pandemic.

Employee Health and Safety

All SirionLabs employees globally are working from the safety of their homes. All international business travel has been suspended and relevant guidelines from the government and local authorities are being strictly followed.

In addition to enabling our employees technologically (more on this later in this article), specific HR measures have been introduced to ensure employee engagement and emotional well-being. Examples include daily company-wide video calls where the team interacts with each other and the leadership team; employee engagement initiatives such as online quiz, parties and coffee meetings; regular internal surveys to keep a check on our employee’s health & safety, COVID specific enhanced family medical cover, etc. We even have a ‘Run with the CEO’ initiative where our employees virtually join our CEO for 30 minutes of exercise.

Zero Business Disruption

We have activated our Business Continuity Plan to ensure there is zero business disruption and product availability and reliability is not impacted.

  • Sirion is a 100% SaaS-based platform ensuring seamless, 24×7 availability to all authorized users across the globe irrespective of their location
  • Sirion is hosted on AWS which has robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery measures in place to ensure continued operations during disasters and pandemics. Learn more about AWS’ pandemic readiness here
  • SirionLabs has a clearly documented and regularly tested business continuity plan in place which ensured regular testing of our technology infrastructure for availability, resilience, and disaster recovery enabling strong business continuity readiness
  • Due to our strong business continuity readiness, we were able to quickly and seamlessly transition our entire workforce to a ‘work from home’ set-up
  • We have ensured that every employee is technologically equipped – reliable internet connection with adequate bandwidth, company laptops, VPN for secure remote access, and access to all enterprise applications needed to perform their jobs effectively
  • Technical support teams are remotely enabled to provide 24×7 product support to our users worldwide as per the committed SLAs
  • Collaboration tools such as MS Teams and Slack ensure effective collaboration and productivity for our employees

Safeguarding Customer Data

Keeping customer data secure is a top priority for us. Some of the key measures in place to ensure customer data security are:

  • Sirion is hosted on AWS with best-in-class data security infrastructure
  • Mandatory use of company-provided laptops to ensure continued enforcement of strong security controls (like anti-virus, disk encryption, hardened image, etc.) and use of authorized tools and technologies
  • Secure remote access through VPN ensures that customer data is available only through safe and authorized channels
  • ISO 27001 certified information security program led by our Chief Information Security Officer ensures high levels of security awareness through regular data security training and communications
  • No customer data is stored or processed at endpoints. Strong security and access controls measures are enforced on customer data and on critical IT systems
  • Continuous monitoring of security alerts with IT teams prepared to take swift action in case of an unauthorized access attempt

Product and Customer Support

Our development roadmap has always been clearly documented and communicated to all internal teams. Our decentralized development and decision-making process built around a ‘pod structure’ has ensured that our release cadence continues as planned with no impact due to the COVID crisis. We leverage tools such as JIRA to assist with managing work prioritization and issue resolution and Slack for internal communication.

We are also ensuring enhanced communication and collaboration measures to support our clients. This includes:

  • Regular communications and updates regarding our contingency/business continuity plans
  • Daily stand-up meetings within each account team
  • All in-person meetings have been converted to video calls
  • We understand that the immediate focus areas for most of our customers may have changed. Accordingly, we have set up a task force specifically focused on addressing these requests across our client base

We are here to support our clients and employees during these unprecedented times. Our leadership team is meeting continuously to assess and appropriately respond to the crisis as it evolves and we will continue to update this page with any significant changes to these procedures.


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