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Rapidly digitize legacy contracts with AI-powered contract extraction


Expedite search, review and analysis of contracts by transforming static contract text into actionable objects through AI-led capture of contract metadata, obligations, and more

Save time, lower costsDigitize thousands of contract documents simultaneously

Mitigate risk exposureAnalyze and flag missing contract elements and outliers

Make better business decisionsInterrogate contract data in Sirion or on integrated CRM, ERP and P2P

Feature Highlights

Extract Contract Metadata
  • Extract 100+ standard metadata fields, including supplier name, effective and expiration dates, insurance clauses, limitation of liability, and more
  • Train Sirion's Machine Learning (ML) engine to recognize new field types for extraction
Capture Obligations
  • Extract obligations, deliverables, milestones, policy and regulatory commitments
  • Detect obligation category, type, frequency, etc. and extract key data such as title, description and responsibility for each obligation
“With its AI-driven contract extraction capabilities, Sirion delivers a cost-effective, fast and accurate platform for digitizing thousands of contracts each year with self-service extraction of hundreds of thousands of obligation fields.”
Sabih Rozales, Principal Commercial Contract Manager, Vodafone
Multi-Format, Multi-Source Extraction
  • Perform multi-line, multi-column, multi-table, multi-language extractions from any document type and format
  • Extract from external data sources through integration with third-party systems
Risk Analytics
  • Identify missing clauses and other risks associated with a contract and alert all stakeholders of potential penalties and losses
  • Compute contract risk scores and gain insights into clause deviations such as position and attribute changes

See Sirion’s AI-powered Auto-extraction Engine in Action


Featured Products

Contract Lifecycle Management

AI-enabled enterprise contract management

Enables legal, procurement and sales teams to drive business velocity, compliance and efficiency through advanced automation and collaboration across the contracting lifecycle


AI-powered auto-extraction and contract analytics

Automatically and quickly find hidden legal and business insights from legacy documents for your M&A, repapering, governance and compliance objectives

Supplier Management

Integrated management of strategic suppliers

Enables procurement and business units to plug spend leakage while improving supplier performance and collaboration with strategic suppliers through effective post-signature governance of such engagements


Maximize revenue in enterprise accounts

Enables sales and delivery organizations to drive improved revenue, account-level EBITDA and relationships in enterprise accounts

See Sirion's Auto-Extraction Engine In Action