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Advanced Analytics

Leverage data-driven insights to improve your contractual relationships

Gain real-time insights into contract performance and risks using BI-powered analytics, industry benchmarks, and rich data visualizations

Create a transparentpane of glass for 360-degree visibility into contract relationships

Mitigate riskby identifying missing clauses and outliers in contracts and use retrospective insights to author stronger contracts

Address discrepanciesproactively and expedite decision making through granular monitoring of key engagement metrics

Feature Highlights

Real-time Business Intelligence
  • Analyze and visualize complex contract data on the fly with on-demand analytics
  • Leverage predictive analytics to stay ahead of potential issues and changes
  • Use SirionWatch to continuously monitor standard metrics and alert users of changes that merit attention
  • Deliver text-based insights alongside visualizations with SirionBI’s NLP-based narratives to simplify and expedite business decision making
Reports and Dashboards
  • Leverage hundreds of dashboards and reports to effectively manage contract draft creation, risk and post-signature governance
  • Drill down into all reports and graphs for root cause analysis on performance, bottlenecks, issues and disputes
  • Download and share standard and custom reports via scheduled email delivery
“Sirion allows us to bring contracts to life, to collaborate, and to review where we have potential risk.”
Reinhard Plaza-Bartsch, Global Head of SCM Development, Operations & Digital, Vodafone
Data Integrations
  • Use RESTful APIs to strategically integrate with adjacent enterprise systems (such as procure-to-pay, CRM, and ERP), for a holistic view of enterprise relationships
  • Create a single source of truth for contract, performance, invoicing, and relationship data
Risk Analytics
  • Identify missing clauses and other risks associated with a contract and alert all stakeholders of possible penalties and losses
  • Compute contract risk scores and gain insights into clause deviations such as position and attribute changes

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