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Sirion is the world’s most powerful supplier management platform.

Watch this video to see how it makes supplier management transparent, measurable and smart.

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Your enterprise functions are being transformed. And with it, your strategic supplier base. Their performance truly matters. And it’s no longer just about reducing costs. You are now increasingly dependent on these suppliers. And this brings new challenges

How do you stay on top of these ever-changing complex contracts, ensure suppliers deliver against contractual obligations; stay within budget; manage risk; all while maintaining a positive relationship?

Enter Sirion

Sirion was specifically designed to manage all key aspects of supplier management on a single integrated platform. Its structured data approach breaks down complex contracts into hundreds of obligations, and radically simplifies their management. It was designed by veterans of supplier management domain, to overcome the challenges they faced over the last two decades, at the world’s largest companies.

Whether you are a large multinational, mid-size company or government organization – here’s how Sirion helps you to manage your strategic suppliers.

Strategic sourcing contracts change constantly, and it is important to track them at a granular level, to know what is expected from the supplier, at any given time.

Tracking supplier performance means not only focusing on obligations which have a direct financial impact but also tracking those which are expected to drive broader value.

Knowing the difference between what was expected versus what got delivered gives you the power to analyze invoices like never before.

Here’s how Sirion can help your business manage the entire spectrum of supplier management activities on a single integrated platform.

Save up to 15% on the ACV and up to 25% on on-going outsourcing governance cost.

Automate many of the traditional governance processes, end to end. Real time data-driven analytic layer that helps you make timely decisions. Best of all, it is not just about software, you’ll get access to a powerful combination of best practices, industry experts and solutions tailored to your exact needs.

Sirion – supplier management made easy, powerful and complete.

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